Controlling Wasteful Spending

State spending has grown by 41% over the past 3 years. Our families live on a budget, and it’s time government learns to do the same. My vision is for a government that spends less while delivering more. That’s why I will fight for a constitutional spending limit that restricts the growth of state government.

Creating New Jobs

As a small business owner, I know how burdensome government regulations and high taxes stifle economic growth and job creation. That’s why I am passionate about fighting for lower taxes and smaller government, and promoting entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic growth.

Establishing Real Education Reform

Our schools in Lancaster and York counties are excellent. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for many other schools in our state. South Carolina’s schools have been at the bottom for too long. I will work hard to reward schools that are performing well while providing help for children in schools that are failing.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Each year, taxpayers spend about $187 million in education, law enforcement, and health care for illegal aliens. We cannot continue using taxpayer dollars to support illegal immigrants. I will do what it takes to end incentives that attract illegal aliens to our state.

Deborah on the Issues



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